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Previous MeetingJune 15, 2015 05:00 PM
Special Board Meeting
District Office Conference Room


Preliminary Information

5:00 P.M.(Closed Session) 

5:15 P.M. (Open Session) 

(D) Discussion Item
(V) Can Vote
(C) Consent Item
1.  Public Comment on Closed Session Items   
Unfold 2.  Closed Session   
1. Student Discipline     
2. Meet With Superintendent to Discuss Litigation     
3. Meet With Superintendent to Discuss Negotiations      (V)  
  RUDTA Negotiations regarding JROTC
4. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Employment/Evaluation     
3.  Call to Order   
4.  Action from Closed Session   
Unfold 5.  Public Comment   
1. Guidelines     
  Presentations are limited to items not on the agenda. When you are recognized, state your name and then proceed with your presentation.  State law prohibits the Trustees from taking action on any item not on the agenda.  No person shall speak for more than three minutes, and the total time allotted for discussion for any one item shall not exceed twenty minutes. (Board Bylaws 9323)

For items on the agenda, a person wishing to be heard by the Board shall first be recognized by the President of the Board and shall then proceed to comment as briefly as the subject permits.  Individual speakers shall be allowed three minutes to address the Board on each item.  The Board shall limit the total time for public input on each item to twenty minutes. (Board Bylaw 9323)
Unfold 6.  New Business - Students   
1. Academic Probation      (V)  
Unfold 7.  New Business - Business and Finance   
1. Adoption of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)      (V)  
  Prepared by Kathy Coleman, Director of Curriculum and Categorical Programs
2. The Board to consider the adoption of the District's 2015-16 Budget      (V)  
  Prepared by Douglas Crancer, Financial Consultant
3. Resolution 14-09 To Establish Authorization of Temporary Interfund Transfers.      (V)  
  The Board to consider adoption of Resolution 14-09 as presented.
4. Consider approval of the 2014-15 salary schedule for California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter #797      (V)  
  Prepared by Michelle Ryan, Human Resources Manager and Douglas Crancer, Financial Consultant
5. Consider Approval of Resolution 14-10 Authorizing Signing of Orders Drawn on School District Funds      (V)  
  The Board will consider Resolution 14-10 Authorizing Signing of Orders Drawn on School District Funds
Unfold 8.  New Business - Personnel   
1. Consider the amended contract for current superintendent William Draa.         
  The board will consider approval of the amended contract for William Draa.
2. Consider the contract for the new superintendent Dr. Ziggy Robeson.         
  The board will consider the approval of the contract for Dr. Ziggy Robeson.
Unfold 9.  New Business - Curriculum and Instruction   
1. Title III Plan      (V)  
Unfold 10.  Consent Agenda 2   
1. Weston Furniture Proposal - Sierra School Equipment Company      (V)  (C)  
2. Agricultural Career Technical Education Incentive Grant for 2015-2016 School Year      (V)  (C)  
3. Edwards, Lien & Toso, Inc. Appraisal Service Agreement      (V)  (C)  


An individual who requires disability-related accommodations or modification, including auxiliary aids and services, in order to participate in the Board meeting should contact Susan DaBranca. Agenda documents are available for inspection at the District Office, located at 304 N Acacia Ave, Ripon, California.

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